Works - 417094-2020

TITitleUnited Kingdom-Newcastle: Building construction work
NDNotice publication number417094-2020
PDPublication date04/09/2020
OJOJ S issue number172
TWTown/city of the buyerNEWCASTLE
AUOfficial name of the buyerCumbria Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust
OLOriginal languageEN
CYCountry of the buyerUK
AAType of buyer6 - Body governed by public law
HAEU institution/agency-
DSDocument sent01/09/2020
DTDeadline for submission14/10/2020
NCType of contract1 - Works
PRType of procedure1 - Open procedure
TDNotice type3 - Contract notice
RPRegulationZ - Not specified
TYType of bid1 - Submission for all lots
ACAward criteria2 - The most economic tender
PCCommon procurement vocabulary (CPV)45221000 - Construction work for bridges and tunnels, shafts and subways
45210000 - Building construction work
45220000 - Engineering works and construction works
45242000 - Waterside leisure facilities construction work
45252000 - Construction works for sewage treatment plants, purification plants and refuse incineration plants
45241000 - Harbour construction works
70322000 - Vacant-land rental or sale services
70123000 - Sale of real estate
70112000 - Development of non-residential real estate
70321000 - Land rental services
70310000 - Building rental or sale services
70122000 - Land sale or purchase services
70111000 - Development of residential real estate
70320000 - Land rental or sale services
70121000 - Building sale or purchase services
70110000 - Development services of real estate
70120000 - Buying and selling of real estate
45216000 - Construction work for buildings relating to law and order or emergency services and for military buildings
45215000 - Construction work for buildings relating to health and social services, for crematoriums and public conveniences
45247000 - Construction work for dams, canals, irrigation channels and aqueducts
45214000 - Construction work for buildings relating to education and research
45235000 - Construction work for airfields, runways and manoeuvring surfaces
45213000 - Construction work for commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial buildings, buildings relating to transport
45234000 - Construction work for railways and cable transport systems
45223000 - Structures construction work
45212000 - Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants
45244000 - Marine construction works
45222000 - Construction work for engineering works except bridges, tunnels, shafts and subways
45211000 - Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses
RCPlace of performance (NUTS)UK
IAInternet address (URL)
DILegal basisPublic procurement Directive 2014/24/EU