Works - 437187-2019

17/09/2019    S179

Denmark-Nykøbing Falster: Construction work

2019/S 179-437187

Contract notice – utilities


Legal Basis:
Directive 2014/25/EU

Section I: Contracting entity

I.1)Name and addresses
Official name: I/S REFA
National registration number: 78951818
Postal address: Energivej 4
Town: Nykøbing Falster
NUTS code: DK022 Vest- og Sydsjælland
Postal code: 4800
Country: Denmark
Contact person: Jørgen Kokhauge
E-mail: jko@REFA.DK

Internet address(es):

Main address:

I.2)Information about joint procurement
The procurement documents are available for unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge, at:
Additional information can be obtained from the abovementioned address
Tenders or requests to participate must be submitted electronically via:
Tenders or requests to participate must be submitted to the abovementioned address
Electronic communication requires the use of tools and devices that are not generally available. Unrestricted and full direct access to these tools and devices is possible, free of charge, at:
I.6)Main activity
Other activity: Operation of combined heat and power production facilities burning waste and biomass

Section II: Object

II.1)Scope of the procurement

Tender for Design, Delivery, erection and Commissioning of a Retrofit Steam Turbine

II.1.2)Main CPV code
45000000 Construction work
II.1.3)Type of contract
II.1.4)Short description:

I/S REFA (hereinafter ‘REFA’) operates a waste-to-energy combined heat and power plant in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. Due to the condition of the existing turbine, showing heavy erosion-corrosion damage in its low-pressure parts, as well as reaching the end of its service life, REFA has decided to remove the existing and procure a new steam turbine. The tender concerns a turnkey project including design, manufacturing, delivery, erection, commissioning, testing and 1 overhaul of a retrofit turbine.

II.1.5)Estimated total value
Value excluding VAT: 30 000 000.00 DKK
II.1.6)Information about lots
This contract is divided into lots: no
II.2.2)Additional CPV code(s)
II.2.3)Place of performance
NUTS code: DK022 Vest- og Sydsjælland
Main site or place of performance:

Nykøbing Falster, DENMARK.

II.2.4)Description of the procurement:

Design, manufacturing, delivery, erection, commissioning, testing and 1 overhaul of a complete retrofit extraction condensing steam turbine including all necessary instrumentation and control to be installed on the existing spring supported main steel frame and integrated into the existing plant. The retrofit turbine is expected to be ready for hand-over in July/August 2021.

The delivery includes all piping modification works, inclusive calculation, materials, welding, NDE and pipe support for integration into the existing plant. The turbine will be operated from the central control room and the delivery includes the control and protection system integration into the existing DCS and vibration monitoring system.

The delivery includes dismantling of the existing turbine. Civil work for dismantling of the existing turbine or erection of the retrofit turbine is not included.

The turbine will receive steam from a waste incineration boiler at approx. 48 bara and 410 C. The casing must have 2 extractions, the first supplying the deaerator and the second supplying the high-pressure district heat condenser, heating district heating water between 78 C to 89 C. The high-pressure district heat condenser also serves as condenser during plant start-up or during turbine by-pass operation. The steam is exhausted into the low-pressure district heat condenser, receiving district heating water with temperatures varying between 40 C to 60 C. The turbine load range is between approx. 1 MW to full load. At low load operation the boiler can be operated at maximum load, where surplus steam is sent to the high-pressure district heat condenser via the existing turbine bypass. The turbine allows a load change from minimum load to full load within 15 minutes.

The retrofit turbine allows to reuse as much of the existing equipment as possible, in particular, gearbox, generator, district heat condensers and deaerator. Re-use of the existing turbine auxiliary equipment, were useful, is possible, but subject to the same requirements, obligations and guarantees as for a new installation.

The defects liability period for the equipment within the scope of supply is 2 years. During the liability period any fault or defect of the delivered equipment is mended by the applicant.

The turbine is to be designed in accordance with today’s highest technical standards and quality applied to equivalent systems, for a service life of more than 20 years, operating on a very high load for more than 8 000 hours yearly, with an availability of more than 97,5 %. The turbine design should be simple and robust, using adequate material qualities to cope with erosion and corrosion within its wet sections.

II.2.5)Award criteria
Criteria below
Quality criterion - Name: Quality / Weighting: 40 %
Price - Weighting: 60 %
II.2.6)Estimated value
Value excluding VAT: 30 000 000.00 DKK
II.2.7)Duration of the contract, framework agreement or dynamic purchasing system
Duration in months: 18
This contract is subject to renewal: yes
Description of renewals:

The tender includes an option for a 5 year maintenance agreement and an option for the extension of the maintenance agreement for a period of subsequent 5 years.

II.2.9)Information about the limits on the number of candidates to be invited
Envisaged number of candidates: 3
Objective criteria for choosing the limited number of candidates:

The limitation of applicants will be based on an evaluation of which applicant has documented the most relevant previous references in comparison to the purchase described in II.2.4). The evaluation of relevant previous deliveries is based on projects concerning the delivery of extraction condensing steam turbines of a size between 5 to 15 MW and retrofit projects including similar deliveries as described in Section II.2.4) will be weighted more positively than other projects. REFA will focus on the 2 best references of each applicant in regard to this selection but look at the quality and amount of the remaining references in case the 2 best references of more applicants are equally good based on the above.

Please note that any ambiguities and/or incomprehensibilities in the information submitted under Section III.1.3) may be regarded negatively in the evaluation when selecting the limited number of applicants.

II.2.10)Information about variants
Variants will be accepted: no
II.2.11)Information about options
Options: yes
Description of options:

The tender includes an option for a 5-year maintenance agreement from the date of hand-over and an option to extend the maintenance agreement with another 5 years.

II.2.12)Information about electronic catalogues
II.2.13)Information about European Union funds
The procurement is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: no
II.2.14)Additional information

REFA has decided not to divide the contract into lots as this is expected to unduly increase the cost as well as the risk regarding the integration of the different deliveries under the contract.

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions for participation
III.1.1)Suitability to pursue the professional activity, including requirements relating to enrolment on professional or trade registers
III.1.2)Economic and financial standing
List and brief description of selection criteria:

1) The applicant must submit information on the applicant’s annual turnover for the last 3 financial years. The information shall be stated in the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), Part IV.B ‘General yearly turnover’, cf. Section VI.3) below;

2) The applicant shall provide information on the company’s equity for the last 3 financial years. The information shall be stated in the European Single Procurement Document, Part IV.B ‘Financial key figures’, cf. Section VI.3) below. In the event REFA requires documentation for the above the applicant must provide the 3 latest audited annual financial reports. If these are not in English or Scandinavian, the applicant is asked to also provide a resume in English. Reference is made to Section VI.3) with regard to the applicant's possibility of relying on the capacity of other entities.

Minimum level(s) of standards possibly required:

1) The applicant must have achieved an annual turnover of at least 50 000 000 DKK. in each of the preceding 3 financial years. If the turnover is not stated in said currency, REFA will calculate the turnover based on the official exchange rate on the date this notice was published;

2) The applicant must have achieved a positive equity in each of the preceding 3 financial years. In the event that the applicant’s equity in any of the last 3 years is below zero, the applicant will be excluded.

III.1.3)Technical and professional ability
List and brief description of selection criteria:

A list of the applicant’s most important former deliveries within the last 10 years from similar projects. The list should preferably include the following information on each reference:

— description of each delivery, including work/services delivered by the applicant, including if the delivery was a retrofit project,

— steam turbine type, power output, product designation and product production facility,

— steam pressure, temperature and flow at the inlet, extractions and exhaust,

— information on the contracting client and contact person,

— information on when the project was carried out, incl. start and end date, manufacturing, erection and commissioning time periods,

— information on the estimated contract sum,

— information on the applicant’s role and responsibilities.

The information shall be stated in the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), Part IV), cf. Section VI.3) below. Reference is made to Section VI.3) with regard to the candidate's possibility of relying on the capacity of other entities.

Minimum level(s) of standards possibly required:

1) The applicant must with a minimum of 1 reference demonstrate experience with the delivery of steam turbines for technical facilities.

III.1.4)Objective rules and criteria for participation
III.1.5)Information about reserved contracts
III.1.6)Deposits and guarantees required:
III.1.7)Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and/or reference to the relevant provisions governing them:
III.1.8)Legal form to be taken by the group of economic operators to whom the contract is to be awarded:
III.2)Conditions related to the contract
III.2.2)Contract performance conditions:

The contract is a turn key contract and includes both Factory acceptance test (FAT) and performance test to be concluded before hand over to REFA.

III.2.3)Information about staff responsible for the performance of the contract

Section IV: Procedure

IV.1.1)Type of procedure
Negotiated procedure with prior call for competition
IV.1.3)Information about a framework agreement or a dynamic purchasing system
IV.1.4)Information about reduction of the number of solutions or tenders during negotiation or dialogue
IV.1.6)Information about electronic auction
IV.1.8)Information about the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: yes
IV.2)Administrative information
IV.2.1)Previous publication concerning this procedure
IV.2.2)Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate
Date: 14/10/2019
Local time: 13:00
IV.2.3)Estimated date of dispatch of invitations to tender or to participate to selected candidates
IV.2.4)Languages in which tenders or requests to participate may be submitted:
Danish, English
IV.2.6)Minimum time frame during which the tenderer must maintain the tender
Duration in months: 3 (from the date stated for receipt of tender)
IV.2.7)Conditions for opening of tenders

Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about recurrence
This is a recurrent procurement: no
VI.2)Information about electronic workflows
VI.3)Additional information:

Applicants who wishes to participate in this tender process must fill in the ESPD via Ethics. Complete the ESPD with the information specified in the contract notice, including Part II.A, II.B, II.C, III.A, III.B, III.C, IV.B and IV.C. Note that the applicant must submit several ESPDs, if the applicant forms an association of companies or is based on the capacity of other economic operators. Applicant must in the ESPD state the name, VAT/CVR number, postal address, contact person whether the applicant is a micro-enterprise, small or medium-sized enterprise and whether the applicant participates in the tender procedure with others (ESPD Part II.A). The applicant must provide the information requested in Part III) of the contract notice. The applicant must confirm that the applicant is not covered by the compulsory exclusion grounds in Sections 135 and 136 of the Danish Public Procurement Act (ESPD Part III), paragraphs A, B and C). In addition, the applicant must confirm that the applicant is not covered by the voluntary exclusion grounds in section 137 subsection 1, 2 and 5 of the Danish Public Procurement Act (ESPD Part III, Section C). The requested information forms the basis of the contracting authority's assessment of whether the applicant is suitable for carrying out the deliverables of the tender and which applicants are invited to submit a tender. If the applicant participates in the tendering procedure with others, in particular as part of a group, consortium, joint venture or the like, all affected participants must submit a separate ESPD. All required information under Part III) must be provided for each participant in the consortium. In connection with the suitability assessment, however, it will be the consortium's overall suitability that is assessed. If the required information is not provided by all consortium participants, the offer is not necessarily non-compliant, but it may affect the suitability assessment. In addition, each participant in the individual ESPD must indicate the role of the economic operator in the group, the other economic operators participating in the procedure and where appropriate, the name of the participating group (ESPD Part II.A). If the applicant is unable to meet the requirements of financial and economic and/or technical and professional capacity, the applicant may rely on the financial and economic and/or technical and professional capacity of other entities. In this case, any subcontractors of the applicant must also enclose a separate ESPD with completed Part II), sections A and B and Part III) duly completed by the entities concerned (ESDP Part II), Section C). In connection with the suitability assessment, it will be the total suitability that is assessed, including by combining key figures. The applicant can only submit obe application for pre-qualification. If the same legal entity is part of or otherwise participates in several applications, e.g. submitting its own application, but at the same time being a participant in consortium or the like applying, the applicants must ensure that the participation of the same legal entity does not entail the possibility of mutually influencing the contant of the various tenderers' offers. Application for pre-qualification must be submitted electronically to Ethics, cf.

Section I.3) of the contract notice.

VI.4)Procedures for review
VI.4.1)Review body
Official name: Klagenævnet for Udbud
Postal address: Toldboden 2
Town: Viborg
Postal code: 8800
Country: Denmark
Telephone: +45 72405600

Internet address:

VI.4.2)Body responsible for mediation procedures
VI.4.3)Review procedure
VI.4.4)Service from which information about the review procedure may be obtained
Official name: Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen
Postal address: Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
Town: Valby
Postal code: 2500
Country: Denmark
Telephone: +45 41715000

Internet address:

VI.5)Date of dispatch of this notice: