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Services - 609058-2021

Submission deadline has been amended by:  130696-2022
29/11/2021    S231

Slovenia-Velenje: Research and experimental development services

2021/S 231-609058

Contract notice


Legal Basis:
Directive 2014/24/EU

Section I: Contracting authority

I.1)Name and addresses
Official name: Energy agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška region (KSSENA)
National registration number: SI58743359
Postal address: Koroška cesta 37A
Town: Velenje
NUTS code: SI034 Savinjska
Postal code: 3320
Country: Slovenia
Contact person: Niko Natek
E-mail: suppliers@procure-pcp.eu
Telephone: +386 38961/520
Internet address(es):
Main address: www.kssena.si/en
Address of the buyer profile: www.procure-pcp.eu
I.1)Name and addresses
Official name: Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona
National registration number: ESP0800258F
Postal address: c/62 num. 16-18, ed. B 6a planta, Zona Tranca
Town: Barcelona
NUTS code: ES511 Barcelona
Postal code: 08040
Country: Spain
Contact person: Gil Llado
E-mail: suppliers@procure-pcp.eu
Telephone: +34 932/235/151
Fax: +34 932/234/790
Internet address(es):
Main address: www.amb.cat/en/home
Address of the buyer profile: www.procure-pcp.eu
I.1)Name and addresses
Official name: Stadt Nürnberg – Hochbauamt, Kommunales Energiemanagement und Bauphysik
National registration number: DE133552578
Postal address: ZA-KEM, Marientorgraben 11
Town: Nürnberg
NUTS code: DE254 Nürnberg, Kreisfreie Stadt
Postal code: 90402
Country: Germany
Contact person: Alexander Nordhus
E-mail: suppliers@procure-pcp.eu
Telephone: +49 911/231/14584
Fax: +49 911/231/7630
Internet address(es):
Main address: www.nuernberg.de/internet/stadtportal_e
Address of the buyer profile: www.procure-pcp.eu
I.1)Name and addresses
Official name: Energaia – Energy Agency South of the Porto Metropolitan Area
National registration number: PT504454536
Postal address: Av. Manuel Violas, 476, Sala 23
Town: Vila Nova de Gaia
NUTS code: PT11A Área Metropolitana do Porto
Postal code: 4410-137
Country: Portugal
Contact person: Luís Filipe Caeiro Castanheira
E-mail: suppliers@procure-pcp.eu
Telephone: +351 22/374/72/50
Internet address(es):
Main address: www.energaia.pt/en
Address of the buyer profile: www.procure-pcp.eu
I.1)Name and addresses
Official name: Municipality of Eilat
National registration number: IL500226006
Postal address: HATIVAT HANEGEV PO Box – 14
Town: Eilat
NUTS code: IL Israel
Postal code: 88100
Country: Israel
Contact person: Assaf Admon
E-mail: suppliers@procure-pcp.eu
Telephone: +972 8/6367111
Internet address(es):
Main address: www.eilat.city/en/municipality-of
Address of the buyer profile: www.procure-pcp.eu
I.1)Name and addresses
Official name: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
National registration number: TR4810024824
Postal address: Osmaniye Mahallesi Cobancesme Kosuyolu Bulvari No 5 Bakirköy
Town: Istanbul
NUTS code: TR10 İstanbul
Postal code: 34568
Country: Turkey
Contact person: Ülkü Gül
E-mail: suppliers@procure-pcp.eu
Telephone: +90 2123126363/666044
Internet address(es):
Main address: www.ibb.istanbul/en
Address of the buyer profile: www.procure-pcp.eu
I.2)Information about joint procurement
The contract involves joint procurement
In the case of joint procurement involving different countries, state applicable national procurement law:

This pre-commercial procurement is carried out by KSSENA who was appointed as lead procurer in the name and on behalf of the buyers group listed in I.1. The applicable national law is Slovenian.

The contract is awarded by a central purchasing body
Additional information can be obtained from the abovementioned address
I.4)Type of the contracting authority
Regional or local agency/office
I.5)Main activity
Other activity: Energy

Section II: Object

II.1)Scope of the procurement

Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) to buy R&D (research and development) services for Breakthrough Solutions for 100% Renewable Energy Supply in Buildings

II.1.2)Main CPV code
73100000 Research and experimental development services
II.1.3)Type of contract
II.1.4)Short description:

procuRE is a PCP to buy R&D services to support cities' transition to carbon neutrality. The procurement aims to trigger new solutions to be developed and tested to address the common challenge: Achieving 100% Renewable Energy Supply in existing public buildings.

Suppliers are to design, develop, and test an innovative Renovation Approach capable of generating Renovation Packages delivering 100% renewable energy supply to any existing non-residential building with adequate envelope quality. The Renovation Approach is to be tested through generating and implementing Renovation Packages for specific non-residential buildings in Buyers Group portfolios, the Demonstration Sites.

More information can be found on the procuRE website: https://procure-pcp.eu.

II.1.5)Estimated total value
Value excluding VAT: 6 295 082.00 EUR
II.1.6)Information about lots
This contract is divided into lots: no
II.2.2)Additional CPV code(s)
09300000 Electricity, heating, solar and nuclear energy
09310000 Electricity
09330000 Solar energy
09331000 Solar panels
09331100 Solar collectors for heat production
09331200 Solar photovoltaic modules
09332000 Solar installation
31121300 Wind-energy generators
31158100 Battery chargers
31161900 Voltage-control systems
31162000 Parts of transformers, inductors and static converters
31162100 Parts of condensers
31174000 Power supply transformers
31200000 Electricity distribution and control apparatus
31210000 Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits
31400000 Accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries
31440000 Batteries
31682000 Electricity supplies
32441100 Telemetry surveillance system
35125100 Sensors
38128000 Meteorology instrument accessories
38433200 Emission measurement equipment
38551000 Energy meters
39715000 Water heaters and heating for buildings; plumbing equipment
39715100 Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters
39715200 Heating equipment
39715210 Central-heating equipment
39715220 Electric heating resistors
39715230 Electric soil-heating apparatus
39715240 Electric space-heating apparatus
39717200 Air-conditioning appliances
42510000 Heat-exchange units, air-conditioning and refrigerating equipment, and filtering machinery
44110000 Construction materials
44111000 Building materials
44112000 Miscellaneous building structures
44115000 Building fittings
44115800 Building internal fittings
45310000 Electrical installation work
48000000 Software package and information systems
48211000 Platform interconnectivity software package
48600000 Database and operating software package
48610000 Database systems
48611000 Database software package
48612000 Database-management system
48613000 Electronic data management (EDM)
65400000 Other sources of energy supplies and distribution
71314000 Energy and related services
71314200 Energy-management services
71314300 Energy-efficiency consultancy services
71314310 Heating engineering services for buildings
71321000 Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings
71321100 Construction economics services
71321200 Heating-system design services
71323100 Electrical power systems design services
71334000 Mechanical and electrical engineering services
72212190 Educational software development services
72212211 Platform interconnectivity software development services
72212931 Training software development services
72222300 Information technology services
80420000 E-learning services
71333000 Mechanical engineering services
II.2.3)Place of performance
NUTS code: DE254 Nürnberg, Kreisfreie Stadt
NUTS code: ES511 Barcelona
NUTS code: IL Israel
NUTS code: PT11A Área Metropolitana do Porto
NUTS code: SI034 Savinjska
NUTS code: TR10 İstanbul
Main site or place of performance:

Testing is expected to take place in Velenje (Slovenia); Barcelona (Spain); Nuremberg (Germany); Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal); Istanbul (Turkey); Eilat (Israel).

II.2.4)Description of the procurement:

The procurement will take the form of a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) under which R&D service contracts will be awarded to R&D providers in parallel in a phased approach. This will make it possible to compare competing alternative solutions. Each selected operator will be awarded a framework agreement that covers three R&D phases. The three phases are: solution design, prototype development, original development and validation and testing of a limited volume of first products or services. After each phase, intermediate evaluations will be carried out to select the best of the competing solutions. The contractors with the best value-for-money solutions will be offered a specific contract for the next phase.

The selected operators will retain ownership of the intellectual property rights (IPRs) that they generate during the PCP and will be able to use them to exploit the full market potential of the developed solutions i.e. beyond the procurement. The market potential is estimated to be the majority of educational buildings (780,000) and offices (3.4 million) across Europe.

In their proposal, tenderers are requested to describe a Renovation Approach which can be applied to any school or office across the EU in response to the Challenge Brief (TD2). The Renovation Approach constitutes the set of methods, technologies, services and devices integrated in a well-documented toolkit with which suppliers tackle the 100% RES challenge in any specific building. During the project, tenderers are expected to apply their Renovation Approach in full to the Demonstration Sites. In their proposal, suppliers are to apply the relevant part of their Renovation Approach on two hypothetical reference buildings and report on the expected resulting performance of those buildings. The proposal is rated according to the Weighted Award Criteria.

In Phase I, six contractors apply their Renovation Approach and develop a specific Renovation Package for each of the six Demonstration Sites. The design level is schematic; planning and calculations are preliminary. Contractors and procurers interact via the Co-Design procedure (such a procedure must be included in the Renovation Approach) to clarify detail and decision-making. This phase aims to verify the conceptual, technological, organisational, regulatory, safety and budgetary feasibility of the solutions.

In Phase II, four contractors refine and increase the level of detail of their designs and organise tests of all user-facing ICT-systems. The design level is as detailed as possible without the requirement to constitute construction drawings. Planning and calculations should be final. The use of the Co-Design procedure should be intensified. This phase aims to turn the schematic design to detailed designs preparing all parties involved for rapid implementation; and to give future users the opportunity to test all ICT-systems.

In Phase III, two contractors implement their Renovation Packages at the three Demonstration Sites allocated to them. Designs are turned into construction drawings, the solutions are installed, made operational, maintained and performance data collected. Contractors and procurers interact via the Continuous Commissioning procedure (this must be included in the Renovation Approach) and demonstrate how O&M and contracting plays out in real-life. This phase serves to verify both the prototype Renovation Packages and the whole prototype Renovation Approach.

After the end of the project, it is the intent of procurers to continue the operation of the solutions at all Demonstrations Sites. To enable this, contractors will submit performance and O&M offers during Phase III based on the Renovation Package submitted. There is the possibility of a follow-up project (PPI) to ensure solutions can be scaled up depending on project success and whether service prices are, at this point, commercially competitive or require further support.

II.2.5)Award criteria
Price is not the only award criterion and all criteria are stated only in the procurement documents
II.2.6)Estimated value
Value excluding VAT: 6 295 082.00 EUR
II.2.7)Duration of the contract, framework agreement or dynamic purchasing system
Start: 01/04/2022
End: 30/06/2024
This contract is subject to renewal: no
II.2.10)Information about variants
Variants will be accepted: no
II.2.11)Information about options
Options: no
II.2.13)Information about European Union funds
The procurement is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: yes
Identification of the project:

This procurement receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under Grant Agreement No 963648- procuRE (https://procure-pcp.eu). The EU has given a grant for this procurement but is not participating as a contracting authority in the procurement.

II.2.14)Additional information

procuRE carried out a series of open market consultation (OMC) events in the period 22 April 2021 – 9 July 2021 to inform the specifications of the tender. All materials and recording are available at https://procure-pcp.eu. Participation in the OMC events is not a prerequisite for submitting a tender for this call.

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions for participation
III.1.1)Suitability to pursue the professional activity, including requirements relating to enrolment on professional or trade registers
List and brief description of conditions:


III.1.2)Economic and financial standing
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
III.1.3)Technical and professional ability
Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents
III.2)Conditions related to the contract
III.2.2)Contract performance conditions:

The tenders will be excluded if they do not meet the following requirements relating to the place of performance of the contract:

At least 50% of the total value of R&D activities covered by the framework agreement must be performed in the EU Member States or H2020 associated countries. The principal R&D staff working on the PCP must be located in the EU Member States or H2020 associated countries. For further information please read the tender documents.

Section IV: Procedure

IV.1.1)Type of procedure
Open procedure
IV.1.3)Information about a framework agreement or a dynamic purchasing system
The procurement involves the establishment of a framework agreement
Framework agreement with several operators
IV.1.8)Information about the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: no
IV.2)Administrative information
IV.2.1)Previous publication concerning this procedure
Notice number in the OJ S: 2021/S 036-090107
IV.2.2)Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate
Date: 22/02/2022
Local time: 17:00
IV.2.3)Estimated date of dispatch of invitations to tender or to participate to selected candidates
IV.2.4)Languages in which tenders or requests to participate may be submitted:
IV.2.6)Minimum time frame during which the tenderer must maintain the tender
Duration in months: 6 (from the date stated for receipt of tender)
IV.2.7)Conditions for opening of tenders
Date: 23/02/2022
Local time: 09:00


Information about authorised persons and opening procedure:


Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about recurrence
This is a recurrent procurement: no
VI.2)Information about electronic workflows
Electronic invoicing will be accepted
Electronic payment will be used
VI.3)Additional information:

The PCP procurement is exempted from the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA), the EU public procurement directives and the national laws that implement them (because it concerns the procurement of R&D services where the benefits do not accrue exclusively to the contracting authority for its use in the conduct of its own affairs).

VI.4)Procedures for review
VI.4.1)Review body
Postal address: Slovenska cesta 54
Town: Ljubljana
Postal code: 1000
Country: Slovenia
Internet address: https://portalerevizija.si/
VI.4.3)Review procedure
Precise information on deadline(s) for review procedures:

Precise information on deadline(s) for review procedures:

Decisions taken with regard to the selection of Suppliers, awarding them with Phases 1, 2 or 3 or excluding them from the procuRE PCP Procedure can be challenged by means of an administrative remedy within a period of 10 days upon the formal notification of the decision. A decision dismissing the appeal could be challenged before the District Court of Velenje. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the execution of the framework agreement or of the phases contracts entered into between the buyers group and the supplier shall be heard by the District Court of Velenje.

VI.5)Date of dispatch of this notice: