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Supplies - 78278-2018

TITitleBulgaria-Sofia: Electricity
NDNotice publication number78278-2018
PDPublication date21/02/2018
OJOJ S issue number36
TWTown/city of the buyerSOFIA
AUOfficial name of the buyerDirektsiya „Upravlenie na sobstvenostta i sotsialni deynosti“ — Ministerstvo na vatreshnite raboti (129010157)
OLOriginal languageBG
CYCountry of the buyerBG
AAType of buyer1 - Ministry or any other national or federal authority
HAEU institution/agency-
DSDocument sent19/02/2018
NCType of contract2 - Supplies
PRType of procedure1 - Open procedure
TDNotice type7 - Contract award notice
RPRegulation4 - European Union
TYType of bid9 - Not applicable
ACAward criteria1 - Lowest price
PCCommon procurement vocabulary (CPV)09310000 - Electricity
RCPlace of performance (NUTS)BG
IAInternet address (URL)
DILegal basisPublic procurement Directive 2014/24/EU