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Dienstleistungen - 211084-2018

17/05/2018    S93    - - Dienstleistungen - Vorabinformation ohne Aufruf zum Wettbewerb - Entfällt 

das Vereinigte Königreich-Liverpool: Allgemeine und berufliche Bildung

2018/S 093-211084


Diese Bekanntmachung dient nur der Vorinformation


Legal Basis:

Richtlinie 2014/24/EU

Abschnitt I: Öffentlicher Auftraggeber

I.1)Name und Adressen
The Minister of the Cabinet Office acting through Crown Commercial Service
9th Floor, The Capital Building, Old Hall Street
L3 9P
Vereinigtes Königreich
Telefon: +44 345010503
E-Mail: info@crowncommercial.gov.uk


Hauptadresse: https://www.gov.uk/ccs

Adresse des Beschafferprofils: https://crowncommercialservice.bravosolution.co.uk

I.2)Informationen zur gemeinsamen Beschaffung
Der Auftrag wird von einer zentralen Beschaffungsstelle vergeben
Weitere Auskünfte erteilen/erteilt die oben genannten Kontaktstellen
I.4)Art des öffentlichen Auftraggebers
Ministerium oder sonstige zentral- oder bundesstaatliche Behörde einschließlich regionaler oder lokaler Unterabteilungen
Andere Tätigkeit: Public Procurement

Abschnitt II: Gegenstand

II.1)Umfang der Beschaffung
II.1.1)Bezeichnung des Auftrags:

Apprenticeships Training Marketplace

Referenznummer der Bekanntmachung: RM6102
II.1.2)CPV-Code Hauptteil
II.1.3)Art des Auftrags
II.1.4)Kurze Beschreibung:

Crown Commercial Service (as the Contracting Authority) wishes to establish a contracting vehicle for use by UK public sector bodies, which include Central Government Departments and their Arm's Length Bodies and Agencies, the wider public sector and third sector including, but not limited to, local government, health, education, police, fire and rescue, housing associations and charities.

The purpose of this PIN is to provide advance notice that CCS is to consider undertaking a tendering exercise to set up a new contracting vehicle to service Central Government and Wider Public Sector Organisations for a broad range of apprenticeship training and related services.

The choice of contracting vehicle(s) and potential lot structure will be decided after the results of ongoing market and customer engagement.

The scope of services provided by the vehicle(s) is envisaged to cover a broad range of apprenticeship training required across the public sector.

II.1.5)Geschätzter Gesamtwert
Wert ohne MwSt.: 1 000 000 000.00 GBP
II.1.6)Angaben zu den Losen
Aufteilung des Auftrags in Lose: nein
II.2.1)Bezeichnung des Auftrags:
II.2.2)Weitere(r) CPV-Code(s)
II.2.4)Beschreibung der Beschaffung:

This procedure relates to Apprenticeship Training within the meaning of Schedule 3 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015). Given that this procedure relates to “social and other specific services” only, it is subject to limited regulation and will be conducted in accordance with regulations 74 to 77 of PCR 2015. Any references to fully regulated processes or procedures are for ease of reference only and should not be taken as recognition nor acceptance that the same apply in this instance.The scope of services provided by the vehicle(s) is envisaged to cover a broad range of apprenticeship training required across the public sector. Entry criteria, for potential providers shall include registration on the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).

Once available the ITT documentation for this procurement may be freely accessed here:


Crown Commercial Service use an eTendering System to conduct all of its procurements. You will need to be registered to use the eSourcing portal in order to participate in any CCS procurement opportunities.

The eSourcing Portal can be accessed here:


A pre-OJEU questionnaire is available within the “Apprenticeship Training Marketplace” page on the CCS procurement pipeline.


In order for your response to be collated as part of the pre-OJEU activity it must be returned by close of business on 8.6.2018.

This market engagement will be managed electronically via the Crown Commercial Service's eSourcing Suite. To participate in this market engagement, you must firstly be registered on the eSourcing Suite. If you have not yet registered, this can be done at https://crowncommercialservice.bravosolution.co.uk by following the link “Register for CCS eSourcing”. Please note that to register you must provide a valid DUNS number (as provided by Dun and Bradstreet) for the organisation you are registering, and who will be entering into a contract if invited to do so.

Full instructions for registration and use of the system can be found at:


Please note that by registering in this way, you will then be in a position to express an interest in any future procurements conducted by Crown Commercial Service.

Once you have registered on the eSourcing Suite, the user can request access to the Market Engagement. This is done by e-mailing: ExpressionOfInterest@crowncommercial.gov.uk

Your e-mail must clearly state the name and reference for the market engagement — Apprenticeship Training Marketplace (Market Engagement), RM6102, and the following information:

1) Name of potential provider (company / firm);

2) Official address of potential provider (company / firm);

3) Nominated ‘Point of Contact’ within potential provider (company / firm);

4) Telephone number(s) of point of contact;

5) e-mail address(es);

6) URL of potential providers website.

Crown Commercial Service will then process the e-mail, and enable the potential provider to access the Market Engagement on-line via the eSourcing Suite. The registered user will receive a notification e-mail to alert them once this has been done.

As a user of the eSourcing Suite you will have access to the suite messaging service which facilitates all messages sent to and from you in relation to any specific procurement event. Please note that it is your responsibility to access these messages on a regular basis to ensure you have sight of all relevant information. For technical assistance regarding the use of the eSourcing Suite, please contact the Bravo helpdesk by Phone +44 0800 069 8630 or Email help@bravosolution.co.uk

II.2.14)Zusätzliche Angaben

A future opportunity on Contract Finder can be found here:


II.3)Voraussichtlicher Tag der Veröffentlichung der Auftragsbekanntmachung:

Abschnitt IV: Verfahren

IV.1.8)Angaben zum Beschaffungsübereinkommen (GPA)
Der Auftrag fällt unter das Beschaffungsübereinkommen: ja

Abschnitt VI: Weitere Angaben

VI.3)Zusätzliche Angaben:

This procurement relates to Apprenticeships and Training - Educational Services which are listed in Schedule 3 of the Public Contracts Regulations (PCR) 2015 as a specific service.

If you are interested in this procurement please follow instructions outlined in II.2.4 above and register your interest.

VI.5)Tag der Absendung dieser Bekanntmachung: