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Dienstleistungen - 256123-2016

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23/07/2016    S141    Dienstleistungen - Ergänzende Angaben - Offenes Verfahren 

Deutschland-Mainz: Betrieb von Flughäfen

2016/S 141-256123

Land Rheinland-Pfalz - Ministerium des Innern, für Sport und Infrastruktur / Rhineland-Palatinate — Ministry of the Interior, Sports and Infrastructure, Schillerplatz 3-5, KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft ('KPMG'), The Squaire — Am Flughafen, 60549 Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Zu Händen von: Dr. Steffen Wagner, Dr. Carsten Jennert, LL.M., Mainz 55116, Deutschland. Telefon: +49 6995871507. E-Mail: steffenwagner@kpmg.com, cjennert@kpmg-law.com

(Supplement zum Amtsblatt der Europäischen Union, 31.3.2015, 2015/S 063-111687)


Betrieb von Flughäfen

Nichtabgeschlossenes Verfahren
Der Auftrag wurde nicht vergeben
Der Auftrag wird möglicherweise Gegenstand einer neuen Veröffentlichung sein

Weitere zusätzliche Informationen

Reference is made to contest notice 2015/S 063-111687 of 31.3.2015 and additional information 2015/S 090-162442 of 9.5.2015 regarding the structured bidding process conducted by KPMG on behalf of the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate for the sale of its 82.5 %-shareholding in Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH (‘FFHG’), i.e. for the privatization of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

The Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate acting as seller of its 82,5 %-shareholding in FFHG on 8.7.2016 has contested the sale and purchase agreement signed on 2.6.2016 with the formerly best bidder and therefore re-opens the bidding process.

Potential purchasers are invited to express their interest and make themselves known to KPMG AG, The Squaire, Am Flughafen, 60549 Frankfurt/Main, Germany (Dr. Steffen Wagner, Email: steffenwagner@kpmg.com) within seven (7) working days after the publication of this notice in the supplement to the Official Journal (non eliminatory).

In accordance with the Private Vendor Principle under EU-state aid law, Rhineland-Palatinate will act like a private seller of a shareholding. The criterion for the selection of the best bidder remains the purchase price taking into account the need for transaction security.

In clarification of the previous notices mentioned above, bidders will be obliged to submit business plans for FFHG until 2024 only if they intend to apply for operating aid (of up to 25 300 000 EUR) for Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in accordance with the EU-Commission's aviation guidelines (2014/C 99/03).

Moreover, the general possibility to apply for investment aid (of up to 22 600 000 EUR) for Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is subject to budgetary law and the conditions of the aviation guidelines. Lastly, compensation of certain security costs incurred by FFHG will be limited to a maximum of EUR 3 000 000 per year and only be granted in case of a continued operation of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

As of the date of the dispatch of this notice and not precluding later modifications or changes, the steps of the structured bidding process for the sale of Rhineland-Palatinate's 82,5 %-shareholding in FFHG are planned as follows:

Phase 1 — until seven (7) working days after the publication of this notice in the supplemet to the EU Official Journal (non eliminatory): All potential purchasers are invited to express their interest and make themselves known to KPMG. Conditions for obtaining more detailed information about FFHG (information memorandum; access to data room) and the structured bidding process will be: (i) Signing of an NDA and (ii) a reliablity statement, both to be provided by KPMG upon request, (iii) submission of current extract of commercial register or — in the absence of a commercial register — a comparable document, (iv) copy of passport of the responsible contact person of the bidder, (v) explanation of the economic background and corporate structure of the bidder. Bidders, their legal representatives and their shareholders may become subject of a ‘Know Your Counterparty-Check’ on behalf of the seller and therefore may be asked to submit additional information at a later date.

Phase 2 — until 1.9.2016 (non eliminatory): Rhineland-Palatinate seeks to substantiate the interest of the bidders until 1.9.2016 (non eliminatory). To this end, bidders will be informed at the beginning of Phase 2 about the documents required for this substantiation.

Phase 3: Following this, Rhineland-Palatinate will continue to carry out the non-discriminatory and transparent procedure that may contain several bidding rounds and will be accompanied by further proceeding information.