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16/08/2019    S157

Kosovo-Fushe Kosove: BEI - Travaux de rénovation du réseau ferré

2019/S 157-386452

Rail Rehabilitation Works

 1.Name and address of the contracting authority

Infrastruktura e Hekurudhave të Kosovës INFRAKOS SH.A., Mr. Agron Thaçi, CEO- Director of the Project, Sheshi I Lirisë p.n, Fushe Kosove,12000, REPUBLIKA E KOSOVËS, Tel: +383 38 550 550 500, E-mail:
 2.Award procedure

Open procedure.
 3.Public works contract: nature and extent of the contract, general characteristics of the work.

Rehabilitation of Southern Part of Railway Route 10, Fushe Kosove-Hani i Elezit, from km 246+888,00 to km 313+711,00.
Reference No 9089-IFT-45276
The following works are envisaged:
— earth works approx. 782 000 m3,
— tracks including ballasting (main line) 58,1 km,
— tracks including ballasting (stations) 8,7 km,
— 34 railway bridges (new and rehabilitation of existing) in total length approx. 0,8 km,
— 36 road level crossings,
— 7 tunnels (widening and rehabilitation of existing)with the total length approx. 1,0 km,
— 115 culverts (box- arced –pipe culverts,
— 8 stations,
— 5 stops,
— retaining walls with total length approx. 16 km.
The contract will be implemented as per FIDIC conditions of contract for construction for building and engineering works, (Red Book), First Edition 1999. The rehabilitation of the line will be implemented with the railway line in operation.
 4.Date of contract award

 5.Contract award criteria

The lowest price.
 6.Number of tenders received

4 (four)
 7.Name and address of successful economic operator

G.C.F Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie S.p.A, a corporation incorporated under the laws of Italy and having its principal place of business at Viale Dell’oceano Atlantico 190, 00144 Roma ITALY (hereinafter called ‘the Contractor’).
 8.Price paid

78 625 639,40 (seventy-eight million, six hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred thirty-nine and forty cent) inclusive of provisional sums, (price is without VAT).
 9.Value of highest and lowest tender taken in consideration for the contract award

Highest: 88 369 832,10 (inclusive of provisional sums, without VAT).
Lowest: 78 625 639,40 (inclusive of provisional sums, without VAT).
 10.Value and proportion of the contract likely to be subcontracted to third parties

The maximum allowed amount of works to be carried out by subcontractors is 20 % of the contract price, which is also the limit for subcontracting.
 11.Date of publication of the tender notice.

2018/S 095-214647 on 14.5.2018
 12.Date of dispatch of the notice

 13.Name and address of the body responsible for appeal.

The applicable procurement rules are the Bank’s Procurement Policies and Rules (PP&R) 2017 located at