Leveringen - 293166-2019

25/06/2019    S120    Leveringen - Vooraankondiging zonder oproep tot mededinging - Niet van toepassing 

Verenigd Koninkrijk-Swansea: Beheer van wagenpark

2019/S 120-293166


Deze aankondiging dient enkel als vooraankondiging



Richtlijn 2014/24/EU

Afdeling I: Aanbestedende dienst

I.1)Naam en adressen
Officiële benaming: City and County of Swansea
Postadres: Civic Centre
Plaats: Swansea
NUTS-code: UKL18
Postcode: SA1 3SN
Land: Verenigd Koninkrijk
E-mail: james.beynon@swansea.gov.uk


Hoofdadres: http://www.swansea.gov.uk

Adres van het kopersprofiel: https://www.sell2wales.gov.wales/search/Search_AuthProfile.aspx?ID=AA0254

I.2)Inlichtingen betreffende gezamenlijke aanbesteding
Nadere inlichtingen zijn te verkrijgen op het hierboven vermelde adres
I.4)Soort aanbestedende dienst
Regionale of plaatselijke instantie
Andere activiteit: Transport

Afdeling II: Voorwerp

II.1)Omvang van de aanbesteding

The Provision of ‘Pool Car’ or ‘Car Club’ Services

II.1.2)CPV-code hoofdcategorie
II.1.3)Type opdracht
II.1.4)Korte beschrijving:

Swansea Council would like to hear from suppliers with a specialism for delivering and supporting the provision of ‘pool car’ or ‘car club’ services.

II.1.5)Geraamde totale waarde
II.1.6)Inlichtingen over percelen
Verdeling in percelen: neen
II.2.2)Aanvullende CPV-code(s)
II.2.3)Plaats van uitvoering
NUTS-code: UKL18
II.2.4)Beschrijving van de aanbesteding:

Swansea Council would like to hear from suppliers with a specialism for delivering and supporting the provision of ‘pool car’ or ‘car club’ services.

The Council has a broad understanding of the ‘car club’ market and would be interested in establishing whether there is supplier appetite to work with the Council in developing and providing a twelve month pilot provision based around the following criteria:

— the pilot implementation will be for a minimum period of 12 months,

— there is an expectation that one or more main sites will host the pilot,

— the Council is looking to replace 17 pool cars during this financial year,

— the Council has a ‘green fleet’ agenda and consideration must be given to BEV and PHEV as part of the pilot,

— suppliers will be expected to provide relevant software and hardware to support vehicle booking, access control, usage and provision of management information,

— current thinking is that any provision would initially serve only Council employees, but the option of expanding that access to ‘partner organisations’ or even the general public at a later date is open to discussion.

Understanding indicative costs and cost variance of the operating models, and vehicle and service choices will inevitably shape both Council ambition and requirements for the pilot implementation. To that end an open and non-committal discussion with potential suppliers would be desirable.

Questions for initial consideration:

Would you be interested in tendering for such a contract?

Do you provide similar services for any other organisations?

If so, please briefly summarise the scope of such services.

Which of the following services can you provide Swansea Council, and if applicable what is your preference and/or scope for discussion on provision of those services:

(i) vehicle acquisition;

(ii) vehicle equipping with telematics and vehicle access control systems;

(iii) vehicle booking and/or journey planner software;

(iv) fuel cards;

(v) management information (or software to enable MI production);

(vi) vehicle management (safety check, cleaning, maintaining);

(vii) vehicle insurance.

If the Council considers you a potential supplier based solely on the strength of the answers provided, would you be prepared to engage in open and non-committal discussions (pre tender market engagement) before any tender for the service is issued by the Council.

Are there any details that you would like us to consider as part of your response to this notice?

Please provide an expression of interest with a response to the questions above to James.Beynon@swansea.gov.uk by Friday 12th July.

II.2.14)Nadere inlichtingen
II.3)Vermoedelijke datum van de bekendmaking van de aankondiging van een opdracht:

Afdeling IV: Procedure

IV.1.8)Inlichtingen over de Overeenkomst inzake overheidsopdrachten (GPA)
De opdracht valt onder de GPA: ja

Afdeling VI: Aanvullende inlichtingen

VI.3)Nadere inlichtingen:

(WA Ref:93299)

VI.5)Datum van verzending van deze aankondiging: